Help Revive the Garden at St Aidans Anglican Church Byford

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Help Revive the garden at St Aidans Anglican Church

As part of the Middle School Oxygen Program at Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School, the Year 8 Citizen Z group would like to do something for the local community.

We are raising funds to revive and rebuild the garden at St Aidan's Anglican Church in Byford, Western Australia.

For us to be able to do this we need a minimum of 1000.00 dollars to cover the basics such as mulch and basic plants.

We plan on building this garden during August - November 2015.

If you would like to support us in this endeavour please donate to the link provided!

How the funds will be used

The proceeds from this crowdfunding will be used to off-set some of the cost of building the garden, and allow us to provide a wider range of hands-on support to the church community.

The garden space has already been chosen and we're ready to move heaven and earth to make it all happen. And we're ready to sink funds into ensuring the build goes ahead.

We need tools!

  • Shovels for turning over the soil
  • Garden trowels for shallow digging
  • Cultivator for shallow raking and pulling up weeds
  • Garden rake or hoe to level planting areas
  • Measuring cup and plastic bowl for mixing fertilizer (castoff kitchen measuring cups work great!)
  • Measuring stick for spacing out and marking your planting rows and seeds
  • Garden scissors or a small sharp knife for cutting vegetables
  • Cotton string for tying up tomatoes or building a trellis for peas or pole beans
  • Wood sticks or wire cages for supporting tomatoes
  • Gardening gloves
  • Watering cans

To do this garden to the standard and capabilities we want it to be will cost about $1000 in direct costs. Which is quite a bit, but we're committed to paying for whatever is needed to make this garden awesome.

Crowdfunding 50% of the total costs will help us get the garden up sooner, as well as ensure we can get it all done this year.

We've got a great team of Year 8 students and we're going to make this garden happen. We're donating our time, and whatever money the bare bones of the project needs that can't be raised.

But if you can help us, we can make this place the most inspiring church garden.

A place to learn, to get hands-on, and for the community to soak up beauty and bees and calming shady places - all within a rocking greenspace, right in the grounds of St. Aidans Church!

Where is St. Aidans Church?

St Aidan's Church is located south east of Perth in Western Australia. The little hut called home was replaced with a beautiful church and community centre in 2010 and now has a small Opp Shop and Cafe. Services are held each Sunday at 10am.

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