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Why FundingGap



FundingGap has been created for teachers by teachers.
We understand that the pressures of providing students with valuable learning experiences with real-world application can put pressure on time and resources. If you would like to learn more contact Pete Brown at FundingGap he would love to hear your ideas and your story or visit his blog at ilearnconnected.com and select about in the menu.
FundingGap is a CrowdFunding platform for raising money and building a community for your projects.
Because FundingGap is a platform open to projects of all shapes and sizes we do have some general guidelines for running your CrowdFunding campaign.
If you’re not sure if your project fits our guidelines or is suitable for CrowdFunding, start here.
FundingGap is committed to the educational outcomes for ICT across the curriculum as stipulated by the Australian Curriculum
Promoting Your Project:
FundingGap users must observe copyright and intellectual property law. Project creators may not post copyright material without appropriate rights. Infringing material brought to our attention will be investigated.
Do everything you can to promote your project, but know no-one likes a spammer. Check before you hit ‘Send’ on a bulk mail to your supporters – it’s not just annoying, it could be illegal. Know your responsibilities within the laws for online marketing in your area.
Launching a Campaign:
FundingGap is based on trust and honesty.
Launching a FundingGap campaign is quite a public act and the person who lodged the campaign is fully responsible for delivering all rewards promised to the backers.
FundingGap is not responsible for any goods not delivered or any rewards not given. FundingGap is not responsible for giving refunds.
Our aim is for creators to continuously create campaigns on our platform so we’ve created a system to weed out the dishonest people. Once a creator receives the cash from a successful campaign to compete in a project, he or she will have to validate that campaign with a follow-up story in order to create a new one.
This is also a great way for them to keep their backers informed and make it easier to raise funds from them the second time around.
FundingGap projects must be project-based.
All FundingGap CrowdFunding campaigns must be projects. That is, the campaign must have a clearly defined outcome, timeframe and goal. Usually, this is a creative outcome. For example:
  • a film
  • album
  • book
  • drama production
  • exhibition
  • festival
  • event
  • app or game build
What not to offer as rewards:
For legal reasons FundingGap does not allow the following rewards to be offered:
  • Alcohol – no alcoholic drinks can be offered as rewards.
  • Sexually Explicit Material or Offers – no sexual services, conduct or sexual explicit products can be offered as rewards.
  • Financial rewards – no direct financial rewards, investments or any financial incentives can be offered as rewards.
  • Raffles or gaming prizes – no entries in raffles competition or any other gambling service, stakes or odds can be offered as rewards.
  • Restricted or Illegal items can be offered as rewards.
It is free to create and publish a campaign on FundingGap. As part of the pilot program for FundingGap we will be waiving the 5% fee on successful campaigns. There is however a 3% third party fee for PayPal processing. There are no fees if a project is not successfully funded.
Choosing Your Campaign Type:
FundingGap allows campaign creators to choose from two types of funding. It is important to understand the difference between them and why we created this distinction.
Flexible funding:
  • Allows you to keep the funds you raise, even if you don’t reach your target. Ideal if your project can use whatever amount of funds you can raise.
  • With this funding option you have to be cautious of not offering rewards that require you to have met your budget target
Fixed funding:
  • All Contributions will be refunded to your backers if you don’t reach your target. Ideal if your project can’t happen unless you raise the full amount you asked for.
  • This option is where we see the best results for it allows you to create the best rewards, and brings out the urgency of your campaign.
  • Fixed funding allows you to be as creative as you would like with your rewards for they will be delivered when/ if you meet your target, therefore there is no risk of the campaign creator falling short on his promises.